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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Haha, Hello Hello guides! it's me again, Qamariah.
Happy New Year yall!
Anyway, if some of you were(maybe not) wondering if i was not in school today, yes yes, i'm no more in SJC :( i can't be promoted to sec 5 cause of my points. This is my biggest regret at the moment cause i know when i i received my rank from Samantha last year, i promise to fulfill it till the end of 2008. But now i guess theres nothing that could help, the worst thing of all is leaving without saying a goodbye, as in officially like a POP for me and you all saluting me for the very last time. Well, i'm very sorry. I hope that the next Company Leader will carry out her duties well. & i hope that with every guide memeber, as one company, you all could succeed in doing and carrying your duties to achieve even higher. That's all i have to say, until we meet again. Good bye.

7:13 AM

Friday, December 14, 2007


good news the bbq is confirmed!

sec 1-5 and past seniors!
its free-of-charge!

its on 21 december , pasir ris park , bbq pit number 25
its facing the sea and its kinda near to fisherman village!

we're gona start the fire around 6.30pm or so
come earlier if you want to!
you can leave as you wish
if you wish to stay overnight there (no chalet) till morning you may ONLY if you inform your parents and they allow you too!

its a POTLUCK!
please bring food there to BARBECUE and all food MUST BE HALAL.

and for the frequently asked question
can we don't go a -not!
you say lei,of course can la!

please note this is NOT a compulsory event to attend and all guides must ask permission from your parents before comming for the bbq
we will not tolerate any complains from parents to the guiders

sorry if the message isn't pass around everybody so please help us to pass it around!

ps guides i'm priscilla call me if you need any information alright i cant recieve any sms for nuts on my phone thank you(:


3:52 AM

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hahah, Hello!
Hi Guides, i'm new here. haha. I wanna tell you all that pris and i(well, mostly priss) plan to have a bbq on the 22nd of this month, maybe bout 7pm onwards. Its at Pasir Ris Park. okay, keep yourself free! More details coming on:D
Love, Qamariah

8:06 AM

Sunday, October 14, 2007

hello guides,
just a little reminder to all of you.there is meeting this friday 19th october.start at 2.30 sharp.dont be late!pls turn up.
for the south korea trip,pls pay the balance money to miss teo by this friday.

9:22 AM

Saturday, September 08, 2007

i have uploaded the photos for pasir ris hike.

i will upload one of the videos first. erm, the others i will upload next time k(:

[ps:this is not for you to critisize, but for you to enjoy. so pls keep your comments to yourself thanks and appreciated(:]

10:22 PM

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

hello fellow guides!
i have one complain from jasmine saying that our guides blog is rotting.ermmmmm~
seriously,there is nothing to blog about leh.NO OFFENCE!!(:
anyway,did you guys enjoy the hike outing yesterday?hope you guys really did.AHHAHAHA!

7:13 PM

Thursday, August 16, 2007

hello guides
attire for 17/08/2007.

full uniform for master parade and must include your guides hat!
bring along your 07 camptee shirt with your shorts and your guides handboook
and meet at miss koh homeroom at 3.15 pm for spot check!
remember to tie your hair up into plaits or bun!

6:56 AM